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Happy Indigenous History Month!

This June we are celebrating Indigenous History Month here on Turtle Island! Celebrate with us!

Native American Heritage Month

This month, 10% of all sales will be donated to the Quesnel Tillicum Society!

Summer Father's Day Sale

Use code SUMMERDAYS for 20% off, June 20-30

Celebrating Pride and Indigenous History Month

See how Sera's Beach is celebrating Pride and Indigenous History Month this June and show your support!

Watch me make your jewelry LIVE!

Did you guys know that I have a twitch account? I make my jewelry live and say hello everyday! Its pretty neat cause as a small business owner I do...

Happy Boxing Day!

Use code HOLIYAY for 25% off from Dec 26-27

Handmade Resin Jewelry! Customer Reviews and Feedback

I love when customers give their feedback! Follow me as I reminisce on handmade pieces I have made in the past for custom requests and see how they...

Meet the Maker of all your Handmade Resin Jewelry! Plus Behind the Scenes

Come with me as I show you a day in my life as the one and only creator for all of Sera's Beach handmade jewelry!  As a small business owner, it is...

Demolding Videos of the latest creations and Orders Headed Home!

Watch the latest demolding videos that are oddly satisfying, and find out which pieces are heading home this week from Sera's Beach!