Demolding Videos of the latest creations and Orders Headed Home!

Shop Update

I would love to give you all a closer look at what I do every week as I hand-make every piece of jewelry that is due to be sent to their forever homes. Here are some resin jewelry pieces that have been freshly made and are demolded. This step is the first step in perfecting each and every resin piece! 


This week I was able to create some custom designs including a word ring that reads "bring dazzling dreams" in a fancy font. This is not the first time I have re-created this ring, but this time it turned out even better than I could have hoped!

Next I created a sparkly copper ring that shines so bright! It reminds me of the sun, it almost looks fiery to the touch.

One of my favorite styles that I create is the forget me not flower and gold flake rings. These perfect flowers are all hand collected by me and are in limited stock as they are currently not in growing season!! Get them while they last!

Finally I demold a witches hair moss ring that is actually perfect if you think about a particular holiday that is right around the corner.. 


 Next I start by demolding a juniper plant infused ring. These are one of my favorite styles also because the smell of juniper is so incredible, it fills my office when I use it.

Then sticking with nature, I release a beautiful sunflower petal and gold flake infused ring. If you have ever smelt a sunflower, you will know how much happiness is filled within!!

Second from last but definitely a best seller, charcoal and gold flakes tend to fly off the shelf in shop and I make them all the time. Everyone is different as the gold fills the charcoal space uniquely everytime.

Finally I finish up with a cannabis and gold flake infused ring. The strain that I am currently working with is called "Hash Plant"

orders going homeorders going homeorders going home

After they have all been sanded down and polished they will end up looking like these beauties right before they are sent to their forever homes.