Handmade Resin Jewelry! Customer Reviews and Feedback

I love it when customers give me their feedback! I spend a lot of my time making personal connections with every single person that orders one of my pieces. Sometimes, when I get to know a person better it helps to create beautiful custom requests and personalized pieces that mean so much more in the end because of all the love and care that we put into it. Memories are captured forever as we use our creative minds to make magical jewelry pieces that can even include material items that are not collected by myself (like petals from personal bouquets, ashes of lost loved ones, etc) and then some that are collected by me like genuine healing crystals and raw gemstones. People will message me from all around the world looking for something that they have never seen before in reality, only in their minds eye. Together, we create a truly one of a kind piece.

After all the creating is done (take a look here at a day in the life of your creator, ME!) I ship every piece with love and we patiently wait for them to arrive! Remember that if you have ordered recently and you would like to have it shipped faster, there are so many options and all you have to do is contact me . Once your order arrives you can open to find many goodies including the magical creations we have made together as well as mandala meaning cards that were designed 100% by myself, a handwritten love note in my own cursive writing, and some care instructions for you to love your piece for forever.

One of my favorite parts about this whole process is when a customer takes the time to snap a picture of their piece with them in their forever homes! It seriously makes my heart so big and I smile for days, always thinking about the ways I have helped people on their spiritual journey. I will even go back and re-read some reviews that I get because it reminds me of why I started my business, which is to bring love and healing into this world (read more about me here).

Here are some of the recent creations I have made with the inspiration of others and they give their feedback and a little bit of background from the artist perspective for each.

This first jewelry piece is a best seller of mine and I think that is because SO many people can admire the Cannabis plant. Even if you don’t use it for yourself, you can’t deny the medicinal properties that it holds and how many people around the globe have used it for its healing. It makes a beautiful statement piece of freedom and healing and the gold accent adds a slight shine and sparkle. Click here for me to make your own Cannabis and Gold Flake Resin Ring!

cannabis and gold flake handmade resin ring


"So worth the wait! A great little piece to carry around some plant love 🖤🌿✨ I'm a standard size 5 and the 5.5 worked perfectly; seller is super kind and helpful, too. A+!"

This second piece is an absolute favorite of mine, from the collecting of materials, working with it in the office, and admiring it encased in resin, Ox-Eye Daisy Petals and Gold Flake plugs are simply perfect. They make great accessories for weddings and bridesmaids too.

ox eye daisy petal and gold flake resin ear plugs review


"Beautiful product and perfect size. Will order again :) Thank you !"

This next review was sent to me from a customer who I worked with one on one to create a special pair of promise rings. (contact me to start the process of creating your own custom rings with me!)<link> They were made using Cannabis, Emerald, and Amethyst placed equally throughout each ring. When I make rings that I know are going to be admired together side by side I usually make them at the same time. This way, my intention can be the same when I make each ring and the energy as well as look is consistent. Its kind of like a chef how if they make two dishes that will be eaten at the same table they will create them at the same time, its all about consistency! These are the little things that I am always considering that go into making a meaningful piece of jewelry.

cannabis emerald amethyst resin ring review


"Exactly what I asked for. We love them. Thanks so much!"

I hope that you all have enjoyed going through some of the recent creations I have had the pleasure to make. Blessed be as always with love!