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The Orgone theory that was found in the 1930's states that there is an etheric energy that exists as a life force that animates our environment and that it can be separated by negative energy, which is stagnant and causes entropy, and positive energy, which is structured and organized. Too much negative energy can cause blockages within our chakra points and aura energy fields. Orgonite was created as structures and pieces that infuse the user with higher amounts of positive orgone energy and typically include various crystals and metal types arranged in a way to promote orgone energy flow. Orgonite is constantly attracting negative energy and transmitting it into positive vibrations. Many of the healing effects that are noticed by using Orgonite include better sleep with vivid dreams, more balanced emotions, increased meditation power, and decreased sensitivity to Electromagnetic Frequencies. EMF's are found to cause stress, mental health issues, insomnia, decreased immune systems, and much more.