About Seras Beach - Shop Owner, Eco-resin, Holistic Healing

About the Shop Owner

Catherine Ann is my name, and I am the sole creator, artist, and employee for Seras Beach!
A few things about me :
  • I have always been creative and loved doing crafts
  • Nearly 15 years ago, I dove into paganism and began the solitary practice of Wicca, discovering the spiritual secrets of vibration, energy, and manifestation.
  • I spent two years getting my diploma for environmental sciences in 2013, gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for our planet Earth.

These aspects of my life have shown me the greatest happiness, and so I decided to follow this happiness by creating beautiful forest and crystal jewelry with my knowledge of plant life and experience with holistic healing. 

Currently, I work and live in unceded Lhtako Dene Territory in beautiful British Columbia of Canada. All the materials collected and used in the creation of these pieces are done in a sustainable way by following all the laws and regulations regarding plant collecting.
These practices include:
  • Nothing has been collected that is endangered
  • Nothing is collected from protected lands
  • And we always remember to only leave footprints when visiting nature.

Eco-Friendly Resin 

I strive to have an eco-friendly shop with sustainable practices. Here is how:
  • Every plant material that is collected from Mother Nature has been done so that the environment it was found in is not harmed
  • The resin used is water and plant based and is non-toxic both in the creation process, and for wearing on the skin.
  • To minimize the waste created, I use eco-friendly tools such as organic cleaning products, fabric cloths, silicone mats/molds, and shipping supplies that are all recyclable.

Holistic Healing

Everything in this world has its own vibration and energy attached to it. Even at the atomic level, atoms are always in a constant state of motion. These vibrations and energies affect everything that is around them because everything is connected (there is no black space on earth). Once we learn the vibrations and energies of everything that surrounds us, we can then use them in our every day lives to help us achieve our greatest wishes and desires. As you shop through Sera's Beach, you will notice that each item carries their own set of metaphysical meanings identified for the purpose of self-discovery and holistic healing. They are meant to be used as charms for helping to manifest your own reality. Just read the descriptions of each item to find the jewelry pieces that resonate with you! Combine multiple pieces together for a healing set, or create your own individual healing piece with me ! 

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