Custom Jewelry Making with Seras Beach

Have you ever wanted to design your own custom piece of jewelry? Well now you can!

One of my favorite ways to make jewelry is through custom requests by bringing imagination to life, and with so many materials in my shop, I can make almost anything.

One of my best selling custom styles that I make is my floral jewelry pieces. These include orders where people will send me flower petals from their own personal bouquets, and then I get the privilege of turning it into a special piece of jewelry to be worn forever. Sometimes I will add a little bit of gold flakes, crystals, or even moss, depending on what is wanted and asked for.

Another way that I make custom jewelry is with crystal and plant materials. Even if I don't have a certain flower or stone in my stock, I am always willing to go out looking for it! I live in beautiful British Columbia of Canada, and so I am always surrounded by the beautiful elements mother nature has to offer, and I love extending that towards jewelry making too! If you have your own piece of nature you have been holding onto, send it to me and I will make something beautiful with it.

Do you have a few favorite colours? Or maybe even a favorite phrase or saying? Reach out and connect with me because I can make anything come to reality, and even if you don't know exactly what you are looking for, I am always here to have an open conversation about creating something completely unique.

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