Frequently Asked Questions - Creation and Care Instructions for Seras Beach

What is Resin? Is it safe to wear?

Resin is a solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin that is typically convertible into polymers. 'Eco-resins' are a broad, generic group of polymer resins that all have one thing in common; they are non-toxic, renewable or solvent-free (water-based). Bio-resins, (not to be confused with 'Bi-resin', which is a brand of bio-resin) are all based on natural plant and vegetable extracts or renewable resources. As a general rule, epoxy, polyurethane, or silicone, are completely inert once catalyzed and thus environmentally safe. Therefore, when your epoxy resin is completely polymerized, it cannot contaminate the environment or the skin that comes into contact with it, making it perfectly safe to wear!

When will my order be sent?

At Sera's Beach, every item is made by hand and made to order, meaning, each item is made specifically for you! Once you place your order, it takes me 1-2 weeks to create your precious jewelry pieces for you. The reason why it takes this long is because each piece is made from eco-epoxy resin, and this material takes a few weeks to set properly to ensure a perfectly made product that you can love for a long time. 
If you would like your jewelry to be made and sent within 5-7 days as opposed to 1-2 weeks, please refer to the Rush My Order upgrade option found here.

How long will it take for my jewelry to arrive to me?

It takes me 1-2 weeks to create your precious jewelry pieces. From there, transit times for shipping varies by location. Please follow the link here for all shipping transit time estimates.

How do I care for my resin rings?

Resin rings are to be worn casually as heavy use will result in breaking. Do not wear them 24/7. Remove rings when:

  • working with water (showers included)
  • lifting/pushing/pulling objects to avoid cracking
  • Sleeping

Some materials infused within resin are perishable, and may begin to change colour over time and wear. Use gloves when working with materials such as silicone, glue, etc. to avoid permanent damage.

How do I care for my resin plugs?

Eco-epoxy resin is safe to wear against the skin, but if you haven't worn resin before, be sure to carefully watch your ears for the first few days. Only wear plugs after stretching has been done and is healed. Do not wear resin plugs in the shower or while swimming. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight, or anywhere that extreme heat can affect them.

What do I do if my jewelry has been damaged?

Do not throw away any broken jewelry! The replacement of broken jewelry costs $5 CAD each + shipping & handling and is only available to those with proof of damage. If this is you, contact me here for your replacement jewelry and please include your name, order, number, and email address that I can contact you on.

I want to Cancel my order, exchange my order, or get a refund..

Please follow the link here to find more information regarding cancellations, refunds, or exchanges.